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Life is SuperDuper.

SuperDuperTCG was created as a way for Pokémon fans to follow their passion, while also ballin' on a budget! Opening Pokémon cards on the Internet has had such a tremendous impact on SuperDuperDani's life that they wanted to help as many people as possible get access to Pokemon cards and experience the hobby!

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About SuperDuperDani

SuperDuperTCG was founded by Pokémon card content creator SuperDuperDani, who has been making Pokémon YouTube videos for over 10 years. They have uploaded over 1,500 Pokémon videos onto their channel, including pack openings, tutorials, and walkthroughs, and have collaborated with noteworthy companies such as Google, Buzzfeed, Instagram, and Nintendo on various video projects.

Above all else, Dani has a passion for making videos, but also making people smile!

See some of their work below:


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