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Pokemon Burning Shadows Prerelease Recap!

We attended three Burning Shadows prereleases over the last two weekends, and here's what we have to show for it!

Spoiler: this blog post contains spoilers.

Prerelease #1 (Hollow Mountain Comics, East Lansing MI)

This one was a shock to the system, one of the best prerelease pulls I've ever gotten.

We came out on top with three ultra rares: two Salazzle GXs and a Darkrai GX!

The next weekend, we attended two more prerelease events, this time back-to-back!

Prerelease #2 and 3 (White Cap Comics, Grand Rapids MI)

First prerelease I got garbage, second prerelease WAS AMAZING. So happy with the result of our latest openings, it has seriously been UNREAL.

Our first set of 8 packs (normally 7, but we accidentally got an extra!) contained a Diancie holographic.

The second prerelease set, on the other hand, KILLED IT. We got a Rainbow Rare Salazzle GX and a Tapu Bulu Full Art out of our first 4, and a Gardevoir GX to polish off the last three!

So, in total, out of our 22 packs of Burning Shadows, we came out victorious with one holo, 3 regular GXs, one GX Full Art, and one Rainbow Rare! Heckin yes!

Photos below!

Thanks for stopping by!

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