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Top 10 Pokemon Gifts of 2018

For everything that is available on Amazon, I've created a custom Pokemon Gift Guide wishlist that you can access!

We've gone on an internet exploration in search of the BEST Pokemon Gifts of 2018, and here is our official Top 10! These Pokemon gifts are fit for any true fan of the Pokemon TCG, Video Games, and Anime.

#10 Pikachu Bank ($30)

Coins, everybody’s got em. I never know what to do with mine, but this Pikachu bank gives that pocketful of change some purpose by being the most adorable way to have your money stolen, like ever. When you place a coin onto the platform, Pikachu will speak or laugh using one of 200 different sounds or phrases.

Pick up this item from your local Gamestop (call to see if they have it) or buy it online from ThinkGeek or Amazon.

#9: Koffee and Teaking Mugs ($15)

Enjoy a fresh pot of the good stuff with this super punny Koffee Coffee mug. This is honestly one of my personal favorites on this list, but, I am a little biased because I do love coffee, but for those tea lovers out there there's also a Teaking mug that’s just as majestic.

Pick them up online from Society6.

#8: Gym Badge Pin Set ($16)

If you’re dealing with a seasoned Pokemon veteran, chances are they’ve beat every gym leader in the game. Sometimes it’s hard to show off that impressive street cred in real life - at least until they get their hands on this complete set of gym leader badge pins. This comes with its very own case, and are available for pretty much every single region.

Here's a link to the most popular set of badges from the Kanto region on Amazon.

#7: Pokemon Trainer Duffel Bag and Gym Shirt While we’re on the topic of killin' it at the gym, this Pokemon Trainer duffel bag is perfect for carrying those max potions and revives or any other Pokemon essentials. It also pairs great with this Gym Leader t-shirt.

Duffel Bag ($42) ThinkGeek is curently out of stock, but try BoxLunch instead

Gym Leader T-Shirt ($15) ThinkGeek

#6: Pokemon Hoodies

I am lowkey obsessed with graphic hoodies, and it just so happens that so are a lot of other Pokemon fans on the Internet. Here are a few of the top picks this year:

See the complete list and prices on our Pokemon Gift Guide list on Amazon.

#5: Bulbasaur & Oddish Succulent Pots ($10-15)

Succulents are so in right now, and y'all can be a part of the craze with these absolutely adorable pots featuring bulbasaur and oddish. These are strikingly classy and a lot more minimalist than most Pokemon decor, so have some fun with the different colors and different plants you can put inside!

Bulbasaur pots (ceramic) - Etsy Oddish pots (3D Printed) - Still Etsy

#4 Pokeball Waffle Maker ($15)

Ahah, pancake art thought they had the waffle industry beat, little did they know what Pokemon had up their sleeve! Check out this Pokeball-shaped waffle maker, capable of making some 7” golden brown delicious waffles in 5 minutes or less. Just be sure to not to throw your waffles at anyone. People don’t typically like that, I found out.

Pick it up from ThinkGeek for $15.

#3: New Pokemon TCG Products

If you’ve got an absolute trading card fanatic on your hands, here are the latest Pokemon promo boxes that are out on the market. Any of these are great options depending on your budget, and each of these boxes or tins comes with a variety of booster packs, and some include promo cards and figurines. My top pick is the Dragon Majesty box, but it is pretty pricey. So if you’re looking for something simple, quick, and easy, the new Pokeball tins will surely do the trick, and you can snag them from Walmart.

#2: Let’s Go Pikachu , Pokeball Plus, Nintendo Switch Bundle

These games are remakes of the original Pokemon games from the 90s. In addition to the games, there’s also the Pokeball Plus accessory that doubles as a controller for your Nintendo Switch, and an all-new Nintendo Switch bundle. This comes with a custom Nintendo switch console, the Pokeball Plus controller, and a digital download of Let’s Go Pikachu or Let’s Go Eevee.

Pick them up in-store from GameStop, Best Buy, Target, etc. or buy online at Amazon.

#1: Snorlax Bean Bag Chair ($150)

Are you sitting down? You might wanna be here in a minute, because this Snorlax Bean Bag Chair will leave you cruisin' for a snoozin'. Slumping at an impressive four feet wide and two feet tall, this sleeping giant is perfect for your living room, bedroom, dorm room, honestly wherever! I cannot be alone in saying that I would have no excuse to be productive or leave my house ever again if I had this chair. Pokeflute not included though, so be careful where you set Snorlax down for a snooze!

Available on ThinkGeek.

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