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Pokemon Team Up Prerelease Events!

Pokemon Team Up is upon us and Prerelease events are underway! We got to see the brand new set in action before its official release date of February 1st, attending two back-to-back prereleases at Nostalgia Ink in Jackson, MI.

Tag Team GX Cards (Slideshow)

These new cards feature two Pokemon and some killer attacks, but beware: if an opponent knocks out your Tag Team GX, they take THREE prize cards. That's a steep trade off, but a pretty rad new development nonetheless. Plus, the pairings of massive intimidating Pokemon and cute cuddly Pokemon in most of the cards is a nice touch. Everybody's is playing nice.

What do you guys think of the new set? Let me know over on YouTube or any of our social pages for a chance to be featured in an upcoming video!

Special thanks to George from for the great prerelease events! Check out his website for local events in the Jackson Michigan area.

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