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Today we're taking a look at the real-life inspiration behind some of Pokemon's most iconic creatures. So many Pokemon are based on actual plants and animals that exist on our earth, and there are so many strong resemblances and interesting photos comparing Pokemon to their earth-dwelling counterparts. Here is our video showcasing Pokemon and the real-life creatures that inspired their designs!

This video is a part of a new series we're trying out called Dani Reacts (name pending). The concepts will vary but the idea stays the same - Dani scours the internet and reacts to photos or a video on a given topic, cracks some jokes, makes some weird faces, and gives some commentary. Let me know what you think of our first episode on Pokemon that were inspired by real creatures, and let me know which of these real organisms surprised you the most!

Thanks so much for watching, and stay tuned for more Pokemon videos.



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