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MASSIVE Pokemon TCG Haul at GameStop!

GameStop had a "whatever fits in the bag" sale, and OH BOY did we catch some new Pokemon products!

Last week, Pokemon plush toys, boxes, packs, tins, and other accessories were 20% off, but on top of that, we got an EXTRA 25% off with this special GameStop bag!

Watch the madness on YouTube:

Here's our haul:

Charizard GX Box: $23.99

Lucario GX Box: $11.99

Darkrai GX Box: $14.99

Ho-oh GX Tin: $11.99

Dusk Mane Necrozma GX Tin: $11.99

Playstation Journal: $7.49

Destiny for PS4 (not included in sale): $2.99

TOTAL: $121.27

We will of course be doing unboxings of all of these awesome products that we purchased today, so stay tuned for those! Here is a gallery of the ones that are up so far (updating weekly).

Thanks for watching everyone! Talk to you soon :)


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