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Woohoo! Welcome to our brand new, official Pokemon card website!

I'll be updating the site and this blog frequently as new things arise, so this should be the go-to for any new developments having to do with the website.

To introduce the different sections we currently have:

Mystery Packs: Our random card lots, hand-prepared into little packets of pokégoodness! There are lots of options available, ranging from packs of just holos to packs of just commons/uncommons, and everything in between, so be sure to browse around!

Singles: all of our extras from the Pokemon unboxings on YouTube - this primarily includes ultra rares and promo cards, but feel free to search for specific cards using the filters and search bar.

TCGO Codes: I currently have stock of every single set Emerging Powers and up! I will also be adding codes from various promo boxes and tins.

About/Blog: Just a bit about myself, as well as updates on the website and posts from our YouTube page with detailed descriptions of the products we're opening!

Also, don't forget to snag your complimentary SuperDuperDani Sig Card and Sticker while supplies last!!

Thanks for checking out the site guys :D

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