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Mega Camerupt EX Premium Collection Box!

Hey squad! We just opened up the Mega Camerupt EX Box, and here's what comes inside:

  • Camerupt EX Card

  • Mega Camerupt EX Promo Card

  • Camerupt Spirit Link Promo Card

  • Jumbo Mega Camerupt EX

  • Mega Camerupt Coin

  • Mega Camerupt Pin

  • 6 packs of Pokemon cards (2 Sun & Moon, 2 Steam Siege, Evolutions, and Fates Collide)

  • TCGO Code Card

We got some STUDLY pulls from our unboxing, so be sure to check it out to see all the goodies contained within!

Thanks for watching, let me know what you thought of the Mega Camerupt EX Premium Collection Box down in the comments below :D

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