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Mega Powers Collection Box and "Alternate" Promos!

Pokemon is at it again! The latest and greatest promo box has officially hit the shelves, and oh boy is it magnificent :D

Let's take a look at what comes inside the Pokemon Mega Powers Collection Box:

  • FOUR full-art foil promo cards featuring Mega Lucario EX, Mega Manectric EX, Jolteon EX, and Zygarde EX

  • A jumbo promo featuring Mega Lucario EX

  • A Lucario Spirit Link card to mega-evolve with ease

  • 8 Pokemon booster packs, all from different X&Y sets

  • A code card to unlock these studly promo cards for your Pokémon TCG Online game!

My favorite part of this box is the awesome assortment of textured full art promos! This box is a pricey one at an intimidating $45 retail, but for four full arts and 8 packs, I'd argue that that is a justifiable price!

Here's our YouTube shenanigans for the day, unboxing all of the goods from this box. We definitely had fun opening this one :)

Which promo card from this box your favorite?? Leave a comment down below and let me know!

Hello, "Alternate" Promos!

I also wanted to discuss a new card feature on these promo cards. A new rarity symbol has emerged: A, which stands for "Alternate" has been added to eliminate any loopholes regarding the standard tournament format. Black star promo cards are typically allowed to be used throughout a different time frame as the sets or expansions themselves, so the "A" symbol will mean that it is an alternate reprint from a given set, and can be used in formats that allow it! This addition is great in my opinion, because it helps to distinguish the promo cards from the cards pulled straight from booster packs, as well as allows given promos to only be used in the same rotation as their TCG expansion counterparts. (Photo from

Thanks for watching fam, and don't forget to enter to win two free booster packs by completing this survey brought to you by Air Rands! (More info in our YouTube video)

Keep it real, and train on!


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