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Top 10 Rarest Pokémon Cards of All Time!

We've searched far and wide to uncover the rarest relics to ever bless the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Here is our list of the Top 10 Rarest Pokemon Cards of All Time!

#10 Espeon Gold Star

Released in the promotional set POP Series 5, Espeon Gold Star is one of the rarest cards to be pulled from a booster pack. POP Series 5 contains 17 cards in total (including Espeon and Umbreon Gold Star), and it is the only POP Series set that contained Gold Star cards. Because POP Series packs are far less common than regular booster packs, this card became one of the rarest and most valuable of its kind.

Value: $700 (PSA Mint)

#9 Pikachu Misprints

Wizards of the Coast went through some tough times as they were attempting to perfect their first set of Pokemon cards. Here are two Pikachu misprint cards that don't typically see the spotlight: Pikachu "E_ition" Misprint and Pikachu Red Cheeks E3 Promo Error Card.

Pikachu E_ition, alternatively called "Ghost Pikachu" or "Phantom Pikachu" among avid collectors, exists due to a manufacturing error that allowed only a portion of the 1st Edition stamp to be printed on the card. How this happened, nobody really knows.

E3 Red Cheeks Misprint is a play on the more well-known Red Cheeks Misprint, where a very small number of the 1999 E3 Pikachu Promos were accidentally given the red cheeks. I still think they shouldv'e just had the red cheeks to begin with, but that's fine.

Value: Unknown

#8 Trade Please! Promo

This has got to be one of the the creepiest Pokemon cards I have ever seen. Available through the Trade Please! campaign that was held in Japan in 1998, Trade Please! is an unnumbered Japanese promo card that could be obtained through mail. This was quite literally the original TCBM (known as Trading Cards by Mail amongst the Pokemon Community). Who'da thunk! Participants had to send in two of their own Pokemon cards and the campaign flyer, and in return, they were sent a Trade Please! promo card, along with either a Charizard, Blastoise, or Venusaur promo card! This card also features a completely holographic back, and is claimed to be illustrated by Imakuni himself ;)

Value: ~$200

#7 Magikarp Tamamushi University Prize Promo

Legend has it that only 30-100 of this

card exist in the wild, so it's easy to see how this majestic Magikarp made the list.

In order to receive this 1998 promo card, contestants had to complete a form and a series of tests originating from a Japanese magazine ad, and those who passed the test were invited to a 2-day Pokemon conference in Osaka, Japan. Participants competed in a series of battles on the first day, with the top players qualifying for the second day of battling. Those who won a game on the second day were awarded one of these Magikarp cards at the end of the conference.

Value: $2,100

#6 Pokemon Center 20th Anniversary 24 Karat Pure Gold Pikachu Promo

PURE GOLD, YOU SAY?? This promo card was available exclusively though pre-sale on the Japan Pokemon Online website from October 19th through November 7th, 2016. This 24 Karat Gold Pikachu is a replica of the original 1998 Pikachu card, and comes framed in a commemorative case. It was originally available for presale at a convenient price of $2,000.

Due to the short window of time and exceptionally high ticket price, very few copies of this card were actually produced, making it extremely sought after by collectors.

Value: $10,000

#5 Tropical Mega Battle Promo

Available during the Challenge Road Pokemon events in 1999, Tropical Mega Battle cards were awarded as the top prize for winners of these side-event competitions. This competition welcomed elementary students up to third grade. Due to the age of the participants, is it estimated that there are very few mint condition versions of this card still in existence.

Value: $5,000 - $10,000

#4 German Growlithe MTG Misprint

This is by far my favorite on this list. Wizards of the Coast is at it again: this German Growlithe ("Fukano") card was accidentally printed on Magic: The Gathering card stock, giving it the appearance of a regular Pokemon card on the front, but a Magic: The Gathering card on the back. Talk about a unique card!

There were only a few of these printed (for obvious reasons), making it exceptionally hard to find, and a true collectors item.

Value: Priceless (aka no one is selling it so I can't find a price)

#3: 1st Edition Shadowless Charizard

The OG 151 King is back! The 1st Edition Shadowless Charizard has withstood the test of time, being one of the rarest Pokemon cards for two decades straight! This card has absolutely taken over the most expensive Pokemon card purchases on eBay, selling for up to $25,000. Pro-tip: if you pull one, get it PSA graded, stat!

Value: $15,000 - $25,000 (PSA 10)

#2 Raichu Prerelease Promo Misprint

During the production of the Prerelease Clefable for the Jungle set, a few Base Set Raichu cards were accidentally stamped with the prerelease mark (the original prerelease card for Base Set is Gyarados). These error cards were given to employees at Wizards of the Coast, and the public did not learn of these cards' existence until 2006, when a former employee of WOTC spoke out about the odd mishap! It is estimated that there are only 8-10 of this card in existence.

Value: $10,000

#1 Pokemon Illustrator

FEAST YOUR EYES on the GRAND POOBAH of all Pokemon cards. The original Pokemon Illustrator card was released in 1998, and only 39 copies were ever made. Illustrator cards are rare in themselves, but this being the first of its kind has incredible historical value. This card has also shown its unparalleled monetary value, selling in auctions for upwards of $50,000!

Value: $20,000 - $50,000

That's it! The Top 10 Rarest Cards of ALL TIME! It will be surely interesting to see how this list changes as time goes on;

I'm rooting for Growlithe to make it to #1 ;D

Which one of these cards would you be most excited to add to your collection? (Or would you rather have a brand new car?) Be sure to let me know over on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!

Thanks for stopping by :)

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