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Ultra Prism Prerelease Info!

I'll be attending two Ultra Prism prerelease events in Grand Rapids, Michigan this weekend, so if you guys are in the area, definitely stop by and say hi :D

Whitecap Comics - January 20th

(Grand Rapids, MI)

Prerelease #1: Registration from 12:00PM to 12:30PM

Prerelease #2: Registration from 3:00PM to 3:30PM


White Cap Comics 430 Cummings NW Grand Rapids, MI 49534

Details Admission: $30

The prerelease is a great way to get the newest cards before they are released officially. What you'll get by participating is: -1 of 4 special prerelease promos -4 packs of the newest set to be released -A 22 card "evolution pack" -3 more packs after the tournament has concluded.

Spots are limited. For preregistration, please visit the store prior to the registration period. For more questions, please call: 616-785-8518

Organizer Name: Jacob Root Organizer Phone: 616-438-3913

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