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POKÉNEWS: PokeDex App, Pokemon Funko Figures & Nintendo Direct!

PokéNews: Your Weekly Pokemon Debrief!

This week we're talking about the Nintendo Direct Announcement, Pokemon Card Dex App for your smartphone, and the latest and greatest Pokemon figures from Funko! Plus, there may be a Pokemon vacuum in the works??

Pokemon Card Dex App Released

A new smartphone app can sort your Pokemon card collection! Pokemon Card Dex can scan your real-life Pokemon cards to organize all within a virtual card binder. You can sort through your collection by set, type, and energy type, and can browse new cards that you may not have yet. Right now it's still in the beginning phases and only includes sets from Sun & Moon onwards, but it is available for your to try out in the app store right now!

"A Day with Pikachu" Funko Figures Announced

A new Pikachu Funko figure will be released every single month for the next year, the theme varying based on the season! Here are the names of the upcoming figures:

One Lucky Day (Feb 13th) Rainy Day Pokémon (March) Blooming Curiosity (April) Sweet Days Are Here (May) Sparking Up a Celebration (June) Splashing Away Summer (July) Charged Up for Game Day (August) Surprises to Fall For (September) Completely Thank-Full (October) A Cool New Friend (November) Ringing In the Fun (December) Surprising Weather Ahead (January)

A brand new Bulbasaur figure will also be released on Pokémon Day, which falls on February 27!

Nintendo Direct

Make sure you check out all the updates for the new Nintendo games in today's Nintendo Direct Announcement! You can watch the stream here:

Pikachu Roomba

"Pokémon Pikachu RunRun Cleaner," is a Roomba-style vacuum cleaner that features everyone's favorite yellow rat! No sales product images have been released, but this teaser image makes it pretty clear.

That's it for today's weekly rundown, I hope you guys enjoyed the very first installment of PokéNews! I look forward to sharing more updates with you very soon :)

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