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The LUCKIEST Manufacturing Error of ALL TIME! Pokémon's First Ever Vintage GOD BOX!

On July 2nd 2021, we stumbled upon what would be one of the most unique Pokémon card booster box errors in the hobby's history. This Pokémon Neo Discovery Booster Box from 2001 had a very rare, never before seen manufacturing error that placed a holographic card in EVERY SINGLE BOOSTER PACK.

We purchased this Neo Discovery unlimited booster box from a collectible card convention in Frisco, TX called Collect-a-Con in late June, and traveled with the box back to Los Angeles to break the box live. As we started opening a few of the packs, it became very clear that there was something wrong.

There are usually about 12 holographic cards in a box, but this sealed booster box had 36 holo rare Pokémon cards in it. I reached out to a few of my friends that have been collecting Pokémon cards for many years to speculate on what may have caused this insane Pokémon booster box error. We chatted with ThePokeJew, RealBreakingNate, Jordan Fringe, and Bhys_Pokeshop to get more information.

Was it a manufacturing error on the production line? An individual working at Wizards of the Coast that did this on purpose? Or some sort of test run that was never meant to make it out into the public? Either way, Neo Discovery now has a very special place in my heart.

This is the first ever recorded instance of this 36 holographic manufacturing error in Pokémon card history. Have you ever seen anything remotely similar with another card game or collectible? I'll be sure to update everyone if anything new releases on the topic, but I am so ecstatic to be able to witness something like this in person. Thanks for being a part of the journey with me!

- Dani


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